The Deception of Martial Arts and Yoga - 2015 Edition Paperback


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THESE questions and more are answered in this insightful précis of both practices. Actors like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Stephen Segal are all use martial artists. In the movies and in television martial arts add an element of excitement and action that is all too often imitated by the young and impressionable. Should a parent consider enrolling their child in a martial arts or yoga program? What bene ts would someone derive from receiving such training?

Health and physical tness is being promoted vigorously in our society today. With more leisure time, many people, today more than ever, are spending time exercising by walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, attending sessions at a gym and so on. However, many people are turning to martial arts and yoga for help, even on their own doctor’s well-meaning recommendation! With many celebrities and movie stars giving glowing testimonials concerning both practices, many people are led to believe and trust that they must be bene cial. State and private schools have incorporated martial arts and yoga classes into their curriculum. People’s fascination is also a drawing factor with both practices, which has grown faster than their knowledge of the fact that there are the subtle and underlying dangers in both!

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